Windows System Administration

Installing Windows Server And Client Operating Systems

Creating Local User Account

Assigning IP Address

Installing Active Directory

Configuring Client

Creating Domain User Account

Changing Default Password Policy

Enabling Account Lockout Policy

Configuring Logon Permissions

security Level Permission

Share Level Permissions

Adding Mapped Drives

configuring Local Profiles

Configuring Roaming Profiles

Configuring HOME Folder

‘Installing FSRM Role Service

Creating OU

Delegating Control to a User

Creating Groups

Installing DFS

Configuring Namespace in DFS

Configuring ADC

Configuring Child Domain

Transfer of  Roles

Group policy on OU level

Group Policy on Domain Level

Applying Auditing Policy

Creating Forest Trust

Active Directory Recycle bin

Configuring GC Sever

Creating AD Sites

Creating AD Site-Link

DHCP Server

Installing DNS Service

WEB & FTP Server  [IIS]

WDS Server

HYPER-V Server

Configuring Virtual Networks



Configuring VPN Server

Remote Desktop Server

Configuring iSCSI Target Server


Backup and Recovery

Network Load Balancing


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