Routing Protocols (RIPv2 Configuration)

Configure RIPv2

R(config)#router RIP

R(config-router)#version 2

R(config-router)#network<n/w id>

To block auto summary —- R(config-router)#no auto-summary

Mannual Summarization

R(config-router)#ip summary-address rip <summary network><mask>

To set broadcast update

R(config-if)#ip rip v2-broadcast

to set unicast update

R(config-router)#neighbor<ip add>

to set send triggered update

R(config-if)#ip rip triggered

PASSIVE Interface:So the only RIP to be encountered on the ROUTE test appears to be passive interfaces.

So in EIGRP and OSPF passive interfaces do not send or receive routing updates, they do not participate in neighborships or the routing protocol.

RIPv2 on the other hand:
A passive interface does not SEND updates out this interface, it will still install RIP updates it receives.
Router 1 will now receive routes from s0/0/1 but will not send any information out s0/0/1.

R(config-Router)#passive-interface<type no>| default

Passive interface with manual Neighbor

R(config-Router)#passive-interface<type no>| default

R(config-Router)#neighbor<ip address>


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